Commercial Litigation

An Efficient & Consistent Team that is Ready for Trial

Over the years, our attorneys have been involved in the preparation and trial of many different types of commercial cases including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Securities fraud
  • Lender liability and redlining
  • Franchise/distributorship termination
  • Business torts

At Williams Venker & Sanders, we assemble a team of trial lawyers and paralegals because we assume, for planning purposes, that the case will go to trial. Areas of responsibility (e.g., document discovery by and against the client, defending and taking depositions, working with experts, motion practice and similar subject matters through trial) are assigned to team members with appropriate experience levels, with the senior trial partner overseeing and participating in the entire process. We use this approach to ensure there is no duplication of effort, and it allows our team to work in a consistent and efficient manner to achieve the client’s goals.

While settlement is always an option, we believe it is important that our clients and opponents understand that we will be ready for trial, if necessary. We are not afraid of trial, and we have spent months in front of juries trying cases to verdict.  It is our firm belief that fielding a trial-ready case and trial-experienced team often creates the leverage needed to force a reluctant opponent to settle on terms favorable to our clients.