Appellate Law

Seasoned Litigators and Appellate Advocates

We regard appellate advocacy, which includes properly preserving the appellate record during case-development, as an integral part of the litigation process. In the court of appellate law, hard-fought trial victories must be preserved and bitter defeats may be transformed into stunning successes. At trial, litigants skillfully tailor fact-based arguments to convince the trial judge and jury. Successful trial lawyers, however, must always be aware of the appellate implications of each phase of the trial, from initial pleadings through post-trial motions. Conversely, appeals, which turn on identifying issues and skillfully crafting legal arguments, are best presented by lawyers who have finely-tuned writing and advocacy skills, but who are also very familiar with the trial process. Our appellate practice group helps integrate these two distinct, but related, skills to position cases for the greatest potential for success.

Our appellate and complex motion practice group is comprised of seasoned litigators and appellate advocates. Building upon their litigation skills, members of our appellate and complex motion group are accomplished and highly-skilled in the art of complex motion practice and are adept with the appellate process after having successfully briefed and argued numerous appeals in a variety of appellate courts.

Our appellate lawyers are available to work closely with our trial teams as needed to develop strategies that ensure cases are pled, prepared and tried in a manner that will enhance the likelihood of success on appeal. This can also include consulting with our trial teams to identify important issues that should be addressed by the appellate courts on an interlocutory basis. On appeal, our appellate lawyers have the experience and skill to identify key appellate issues and develop a successful, efficient appellate strategy.

Our appellate practice group normally serves as primary counsel on appeals. We are available, however, to consult on appellate implications of trial strategy, to prepare or to assist in post-trial motions and to serve as co-counsel on appeal, as well as to prepare amicus curiae briefs.